Melbourne: Part II

I promised I’d be back with more tales from my Melbourne trip, so here I am! Sorry it’s taken me so long, I’ve started a new job and moved house in the week since my last Melbourne post so I’ve been AWOL longer than I’d hoped…

We woke up early on our first full day (thank you jet lag) to fairly miserable weather. It was blustery and drizzly which we weren’t really prepared for, I mean, Australia is always sunny, no? After piling on all of the long sleeved clothing I’d packed (no joke) we set off to do a walking tour of all the city’s street art.

On our way to the first graffiti stop, we grabbed morning coffees and juices from Dukes and Laneway Greens. I had a beetroot and carrot juice which was super yummy and gave me a much needed energy boost. We then made our way to the first stop on this street art map. It was lovely to be able to wander around the streets and laneways at our own pace, and it gave us a good feel of the city and all of the different areas.


All the walking made for hungry travellers and as soon as it hit midday we were off in search or the nearest Mr Burger.  We’d read about this before the trip and knew we had to incorporate into the itinerary at some point. I had a ‘Mr Burger’ and we shared some trucker chips and they were bloody good. We’re talking fries covered in three types of cheese, secret sauce and crispy bacon. So bad but so good (plus calories don’t count in Melbs, right?).


After walking off the burger lull and having a wander round a few more colourful side streets, the boys were after another caffeine fix. We stopped at Market Lane Coffee and although I’m not a proper coffee drinker myself (I can just about handle it if it’s pumped full of sugary Starbucks syrups) it was so lovely. The decor was totally Insta-friendly and the place smelt divine. The coffee drinkers amongst us said this was the best one they tried, so for that reason, I’d highly recommend.


Just as we were about to finish the street art tour (the Kim K and Kendall masterpiece was my fave!) it started to absolutely chuck it down. Thankfully we were right outside a cool little covered bar, Section 8, so you know, we just had to take shelter in there. And it was a blessing in disguise as we later decided this place served up our favourite Aperol spritzes that we had in Melbourne (and we were even more thankful for the roof when the rain turned into a pretty epic hailstorm)!


I ran into Topshop on our walk back to the apartment in search of a scarf (to no avail – turns out Aussie’s spring/summer collections don’t include many). Although I came away empty handed, I did come across a Doughnut Time stall on the top floor and couldn’t resist. I chose the ‘This Is What You Came For’, for no reason other than it was pink, and it was delish. If any Melbourne locals fancy posting some across to the UK for me, I’d be eternally grateful.

To end the day, we decided to hunt down some Greek food. We learnt that Melbourne has the largest Greek population of any city outside of Greece so it gave us the best excuse to hunt down the best souvlaki. We chose Stalactites on Lonsdale Street and managed to get  table straight away. We ordered souvlaki all round and the food was good; tasty and the portions were very generous. Sadly, the service was a real disappointment. One of our meals never arrived and the waiter was pretty rude when we questioned it’s whereabouts. We managed to sort out the problem in the end and our drinks were knocked off the bill so all was forgiven (but I think I’d chose their takeaway option next time)!


After dinner, we decided to go for one last drink before calling it a night. Berlin Bar was our drinking hole of choice and we fell just a little bit in love with it. The bar is split into East and West Berlin; capitalist vs. communist. West was full of crystal and leather booths while East was all bathtubs and bunk beds. We chose East and not only was sitting on the bottom bunk pretty damn cool, but the cocktails were amazing. I had the daily special, which was some kind of Sour (I can’t remember exactly as it was fairly potent and I was jet lagged, what can I say?) but I did well to stop at one. It was delicious and the perfect end to a busy day!

And there we go, day two, tick! Have you ever tried any of my Melbourne faves? Let me know, especially if you loved them as much as we did!





  1. November 18, 2016 / 10:44 pm

    I loooooove this post! You’ve captured everything I love about Melbourne. The food is so great there, sounds like you had an ace time. I love the Kim/Kendall wall art 🙂

    Amy |

    • November 18, 2016 / 11:45 pm

      Thank you lovely! I had the best time and the food was definitely one of the biggest highlights (a month later and I’m still working it all off)! Xx

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