High Street Lust List

Surely I can’t be the only one who becomes a bit of an online window shopping addict at this time of the year? Now that the weather is pretty dire (it’s snowed twice in Leeds already and we haven’t even reached December yet!), I’m favouring trawling through the ASOS ‘New In’ section in the warmth over my lunchtime strolls into town to peruse the real life shops.

Here’s what I’ve been lusting after online this week…


Mango Animal Pattern Jacket

Like everyone else at the moment, I’m totally obsessing over the leopard print trend and if it was acceptable, I’d be head to toe leopard! This jacket is one of my favourite finds so far because it looks super soft, it’s not too long, so isn’t quite so full on as a coat, and it’ll add a real oomph to a monochrome outfit (and it looks way more expensive than it is!)


Zara Frilled Polka Dot Dress

I love the shape of this dress and how versatile it is. The flippy skirt could work for girly weekends spent Christmas shopping, a festive date night or it’s long enough to wear to the office. If they have this in stock in Leeds, there’s a high chance I’ma have to buy it.


Monki Tassel Trim Scarf

This blush pink shade is my favourite for accessories at the moment. While I spend a lot of my time at the moment battling the urge to invest my life savings in a little blush leather  YSL number, this is a more affordable touch of pink that might be the more realistic option.


ASOS Velvet Cami Dress with Embellished Detail

I don’t need to say much about this little beauty. It is the perfect festive party dress. I love the velvet, the midi length and the colour, plus the embellishment makes it super special for the party season.


Topshop Backless Buckle Loafer

Although maybe not entirely practical for the winter, I love the print on these loafers. I can picture wearing them with jeans and a simple tee at the weekend, or they’d look great with tailored black trousers for work. A really versatile piece and the perfect Gucci dupe for a fraction of the price.


ASOS Avocado Pyjama Set

I don’t need to say anything about these, other than I really need them in my life. They look super comfy and they are covered in avocados, what more could anyone possibly need?

Anyway, I’ve successfully* made it to Friday without having invested in any of the above, but with a chilly weekend looming I can’t promise that’ll continue! What are your favourite online shopping haunts? Have you indulged in any online shopping this week? Let me know what you’ve been eyeing up!

*update: not at all successful as on Friday evening I had to make a sneaky polka dot Zara dress purchase, oops…



    • November 19, 2016 / 9:24 am

      Now that one may have a little story behind it, as in, the ‘after writing this I may have nipped into town to buy it’ kind of story… x

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